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About Mana

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Mana has been a coach since 2009 and has been engaged in the corporate learning and development field for over 19 years. Raised in a multi-national environment in Germany and in the US, her passion is to be a liaison for Japanese and non-Japanese professionals working globally and to support her clients to live their professional and personal lives aligned with their visions and values.

Mana was responsible for Training & Development in European luxury brands for 8 years. Along with development for retail professionals, she committed herself to coaching Japanese executives in terms of effective cross-cultural communication and developing a global mindset in order to reach their personal and corporate goals. Prior to her retail experiences, she built her career at various training & consulting companies and has worked in corporate training projects for many Japanese leading firms.

Currently, Mana leads leadership, team effectiveness, innovation, coaching related communication workshops and provides coaching sessions for global firms mainly based in Japan. She is still an external consultant for her previous company, HUGO BOSS, due to a request from the HQ in Germany. Mana also has a partnership with IDEO Japan as the first external facilitator for design thinking WS. Her one on one coaching clients share a passion to work across borders at all levels of organization and career, including Representative Directors of global companies in Japan.

Also together with Silicon Valley cutting-edge consultants, created an organization called “Silicon Valley Alliances”. Mana collaborates bilingually (English and Japanese) on various global leadership and innovation & creativity programs for a wide range of industries, both in overseas and in Japan.

TESTIMONIAL: “Mana Tomitori is an extremely talented and highly effective workshop facilitator and coach. Mana puts the best interests of her clients at the center of everything she does. Her approach is interactive and engaging, in alignment with best practices in adult learning theory, and focused on meaningful changes in behavior and communication that will produce positive changes in business results. Underlying her approach is a deep understanding of human motivation, behavioral change, neuroscience and NLP. And her enthusiastic attitude, coupled with her natural brilliance, makes her an absolute delightful business partner!” – Kimberly Wiefling, Cofounder of Silicon Valley Alliances, President of Wiefling Consulting, Inc. & Author of Scrappy Project Management

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