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Transforming Managers into Global Leaders

Consulting Areas

Leadership Development

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Reading about exercise doesn’t make you strong – exercise does! Our “Learning Laboratories” and “WorkSHOCKs” turn managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams via the sensible practices in our “Possibilities Toolbox”.

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Team Effectiveness Workshops

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 “Training” doesn’t change behavior, and changed behavior is required for improved business results.  We deliver the results that you need – engaged people, delighted customers, expanded markets, increased revenue, reduced costs, improved quality, strategic advantage – by focusing on the following key areas:

  • People, Teams & Organizations
  • Program & Project Management
  • Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Executive Coaching Sessions


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Olympic athletes have a coach, and so do great business leaders. Our “Thinking Partner” sessions support, guide and empower you to be successful in reaching your goals.

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Innovation & Design Thinking


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Both Design Thinking and Scrappy Project Management© share an obsession with “the customer”. Both start by “thinking from the future” rather than getting stuck in the current situation, hampered by self-­limiting beliefs about what’s possible. Rather than using the classic design thinking model of Empathize–Define–Ideate– Prototype–Test, we use the Why, Who, What and How model.

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Organizational Culture/DNA

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Organizational Culture is “the way we are” today, including the laundry list of do’s and don’ts that the old-timers share with newbies on their first day of work. It’s “the way we do things around here,” even if we’ve forgotten why we’re doing them.

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For large, multi-national companies, SV Alliances offers purposeful Organizational Culture Change, Leadership Development Programs and Consulting Services which, unlike McKinsey, Accenture, or university executive programs, provide:

  • engaging, action-oriented team project-based programs leading to concrete, visible results.
  • immersive development experiences that broaden and deepen the leadership and management skills of the participants.
  • a collaborative culture which breaks down organizational silos and encourages the risk-taking necessary for growth.

For small and medium size businesses, SV Alliances offers Executive Leadership Guidance, Professional Development Programs, and Consulting Services , which, unlike typical consultant services, provide:

  • an intense focus on sensible, practical projects leading to direct business benefits with measurable results.
  • a strategic framework for Customer-focus and Innovation that enables the business to fulfill their strategic plans.
  • the perspective and experience of Silicon Valley, to inspire creativity and risk-taking within the constraints of human and  financial resources.

OUR DREAM FOR OUR WORKING WORLD: We love to work with purpose-driven organizations committed to optimizing overall “success”, starting with defining what exactly “success” is for their complex stakeholder universe. Doing this we demonstrate the superior results (including financial) such organizations enjoy, attract more investors to these better-performing investments (long-term), and attract more and better workers to these organizations. We strongly believe that, eventually, both investments and workers preferentially flow to these kinds of organizations instead of the soul-sucking variety, and the sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations of Our World, which will eventually wither and die for lack of financial resources and people.