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Transforming Managers into Global Leaders

Who We Are and What We Do

Transforming Managers into Leaders and Groups of People into True Teams.

Reading a book about exercise won’t make you strong. And simply knowing HOW to do something changes nothing! It is the will and the discipline to ACT that are required.

Our highly engaging learning labs enable teams to practice, prototype, apply key insights, and build “muscles” that enable them to achieve “impossible” together.

We support common sense, effective & efficient leadership, team and project management practices that are proven to double productivity and increase profitability. How? By overcoming dysfunctions typical in organizations containing human beings, engaging disengaged employees and strengthening cross-functional communication and organizational culture.

PROOF IT WORKS: We tracked retention among several hundred graduates of one of our programs. Over a 5 year period only ~1% of our graduates quit annually compared with the over 20% that were quitting globally annually. And only ~10% of the people who reported to our graduates quit! Yes, that’s right, we dropped voluntary turnover from over 20% to just over 10% among people who NEVER MET us simply by doing a 3 day workshop with their MANAGERS on how NOT to be a “Bosshole” (NOT the official workshop title! 😱🤪).

We are not “teachers”, and we don’t do “training”. We are seasoned professionals with real-world experience in starting, leading and growing businesses in the Silicon Valley, and expanding businesses globally, including product development program leadership and management of HW, SW, and complex systems. Our practical approaches are proven to produce results, whether it’s through facilitating our “Leadership Learning Laboratories“, or working hand-in-hand with your organization on a strategically important project. We believe that leadership, team effectiveness, organizational culture, innovation, and the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial “magic”, are the result of behaviors that can be learned and honed with practice. Our Tokyo-based Team has been collaborating with us to transform Japanese businesses through our unique “WorkSHOCKs” for over a decade with outstanding results in some of the biggest and best-known companies in Japan. And our European and Australian Teams gives us truly global reach.

What’s possible? What seems “impossible”? What might make impossible –> possible? Contact us and let’s find out!